How to Get A CCW Permit Online in Virginia (VA)

If you want to have a handgun for your protection and prefer to have it all times even the pubic places you visit. Without creating a serious offence punishable by the law of the state, you can opt for applying for a concealed carry permit in the state of your choice.

Out of the 50 states in the USA, all states have a law passed addressing the Concealed Carry of Weapon with certain limitations suiting the state. All states have a lot in common but can differ in a small aspect, you can refer the respective state legislature for further information. Amongst the states, the State of Virginia is the most commonly preferred among and allows for the issuance of concealed carry permits for both resident and non-resident applicants. This specific state endorsed program requires online or optional in person safety training.

Because of reciprocity laws between states, the Virginia concealed carry permit is currently recognized among the 28 states America. This means that even if you are not a residing individual of Virginia if you satisfy the requirements to own and carry (concealed) a firearm as by the Virginia state law, you can legally carry a concealed firearm in any of the other 28 states recognizing the issued Virginia permit.The CCW can be obtained through a conventional training or even by concealed carry permit test online. By using the online medium we can apply for the Virginia CCW Permit Online at ease at home. But like any concealed pistol license it incur a certain wait period involved. Applying online probably does not affect or limit the wait time much. The only way to speed through the permit issue process requires a court hearings in states that allow for that procedure.

But all the states the basic requirement in getting a CPL in any state involves meeting certain checklists like a training course. You also have to get fingerprinted, which cannot be done online because it requires at least one other human to complete ( a person to take your fingerprints ). But some states which allow for fingerprints to be mailed in or transmitted digitally. This requires getting fingerprinted either by an approved law enforcement agency most near to your residence or a specified third party provider. For instance, Arkansas allows for the application to be submitted online, but a certificate of training and fingerprints must be submitted through the mail. The state of Louisiana has basically a likewise policy, as do the states of Indiana, Texas, and several other states.

Kindly consult the website of your state of residence or the state legislature in which you intend to gain a license from if you are applying for a non-resident license. Non-resident licenses are quite popular for gaining additional concealed carry benefits, especially if one’s home state is not wide open in terms of a concealed carry license and permit. Applications in the state of Iowa go through county sheriff’s offices; some offices allow for online applications. Other states, such as Arizona and Florida, allow applications to be through mail. Other states only allow people to apply and be fingerprinted in person. Since it varies, be sure to consult with the laws and policies of the state you’re applying for the license in.

Why would a person prefer a Virginia CCW Permit Online if their state permits?

Mainly it’s due to the convenience factor given by the online mode of applying. Not everyone has time to spare during their office hours or could even get time during office hours and get to the police station. Some people live in a little far distance away from the local police or sheriff’s station, making getting there being impractical. Other people are looking to get a non-resident license for allowing greater benefits. That certainly is not a bad idea; since the laws corresponding to the concealed carry reciprocity differ among the states, and not every state honors every other state’s issued license. Some state licenses, even the non-resident ones, have much more widespread benefits, so some people will obtain one adding to their resident license. In any case, make sure to do your homework before applying to find a well suited permit for your needs.


In order to qualify for both Virginia CCW License Online or  Virginia CCW Permit through the conventional process, you must:

  • Be a citizen of the US and at least 21 years of age.
  • Not have been deemed insane by the courts in less than five years in the past, the date of application.
  • Not be under a restraining or protective order by the state.
  • Not be convicted of a felony by law.
  • Not have been convicted of two or more misbehavior within the five-year period preceding application.
  • Not to be addicted to marijuana, or be an unlawful user or distributor.
  • Not have been dishonorably discharged by the Armed Forces of the United States.
  • Not have been convicted of any assault, battery, sexual battery in the past three years proceeding application.

The article on the concealed carry is for knowledge purpose and do not provide any legal advice to the readers. This just could cat as a guide to get through the process and is not legal advice about getting your Concealed Carry Permit License

 If you need legal advice always talk to a licensed lawyer that practices in your state, or in the state that you’re looking to opt the license from.

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