Gun License online Application – How to Apply

Concealed carry license gives the citizens of the United States of America the legal right to carry armed weapons which can be easily hidden with oneself when moving into public areas. These concealed weapons give an extra sense of security to the people carrying it. Concealed guns can be obtained in the USA with valid licenses provided by the state authorities. Online license application for carrying a concealed gun is user-friendly but the steps that follow are very strict. All the 50 states allowing concealed carry licenses have a different set of rules, however, the basic remains more or less the same.


First, fill in all the necessary details to apply online for a concealed carry license through a state-approved portal. 


After completion of the first step, you will have approximately 90-100 days to follow up and complete steps 2 and 3. In step 2 you will have to book a face-to-face meeting with your local federal officers at your convenient location so that you can electronically register your fingerprints. This is the time where you will get the chance to clear all your doubts with the law enforcement officers. Also, the federal officer may seek as to why you wish to carry a concealed gun.


In this step, your application will be finally reviewed by the higher authorities of the state federals for further considerations. 


The state authorities will have a background check. After a proper background check your online application for the concealed gun will be finally considered.

There are also certain other criteria that you should keep bore in mind before applying online for a concealed gun license. 

  • You must be a minimum of 21 years or more. While your appointment with the state federals you have to provide valid age proof such as a valid U.S passport or your birth certificate.
  • In some states you will also have to provide proof of your U.S citizenship. If not U.S citizens, you have to provide documents indicating that you wish to become a citizen or already have applied for citizenship. 
  • Provide a valid photo I.D. 
  • You will also have to undertake a professional course on how to use a firearm or how to handle and maintain the firearm. The course varies in the number of days from state to state. This written document or certificate is mandatory to apply online for a concealed gun. 
  • Honorable military officers and veterans who wish to get hold of the license must also provide their service identification along with the other documents that are required. 

                          Carrying a concealed gun bears a lot of responsibilities. The U.S laws enable you to carry a concealed gun for your safety but also bore in mind the safety of others while carrying a concealed weapon. Follow the online application process thoroughly; complete all the necessary training both mental and physical so that you can use the concealed gun wisely. 

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